An invitation letter to the Croatian diaspora

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Dear Croatian Diaspora, In this day of age, with technology shrinking our world and making it possible for people to make an impact from anywhere, the Croatian diaspora has never been more important than now. The Contributions the Croatian diaspora have made to the Homeland are the bedrock of Croatian social, political and economic life. Keeping our culture, customs, language and history alive outside of the homeland helped to spearhead our independence and later, with the same patriotism and love for the homeland in mind, the diaspora helped to bolster Croatian tourism, making Croatia one of the most visited countries in 2018.

Croatians feel a special bond to our homeland, and many do not understand the love of their homeland until they have left her to live in another country. With patriotism, love for their country, their hard work ethic and knowledge, the Croatian diaspora is the key to Croatia’s success.

From the diaspora to the diaspora! On May 17-19th, join us as people from the diaspora discuss the next steps in developing tourism. We will discuss some of the opportunities that exist for diaspora as well as those that are in the making. The Overarching Goal of the Diaspora Conference is to find ways to Integrate all Croatians as one and to forge the future of the Croatian identity both in Croatia and abroad through social, economic and political solutions. Hear the stories of successful returnees who are making a difference in Croatia.

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the Conference are:

Croatia as a brand

Diaspora Tourism & Investments

The Croatian Dream Health and Wellness

Tourism Croatian diaspora start ups Pitch Session – new innovative Croatian companies

The Conference will be held in Split on Friday and Saturday while on Sunday we will be taking a ferry to Brač. If you are not able to come to the conference, panel discussions will be uploaded immediately and archived on our youtube channel.

Come to Split, Watch Online, Engage in the national conversation surrounding tourism, business but most importantly the diaspora and the integral role they play in the future of Croatia. The scope of this conference is to share experiences and knowledge from diaspora to the diaspora. The solutions that we advocate for today will determine the discourse and direction for the future of our Homeland.

To find out more and to Register for the Conference please visit our website at:

Vidimo se/See you!

Mate Paskanovic Pavkovic of “Stablo znanja”/ Tree of Knowledge speaks about this conference. Please watch the video below.



  1. I will share this with my BFF who is Croatian. FYI 😉

  2. Have a nice weekend my youngest don ste in Kroatsien
    Split with hos work coming home to morrow
    Hugs Mella

  3. Splithead says:

    On the topic of Diaspora Tourism & Investments I would suggest the following:
    – Bike ride tours of the “road of the cross” Krizni Put.
    – Guided tours of Apartments in Zagreb that have been taken by Communists
    – Beach day in Pag to show where the Communists executed people form 1945 to 1960s
    – tour of grave sites throughout Croatia after 1945
    – Seminar in Drnis on how Milka Planinc become Prime Minister of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
    – Tour of the 1945 Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in Zadar (the yellow building) where thousands were sentenced to death

    Yes, we “diaspora” would loved to know that our relatives were not forgotten and at the same time educate the western world of what really occurred after 1945, with evil only starting then.

    Split here we come !!!

    • Thorough and needed, Splithead all while there are those burying heads in the sand when it comes to that history…I mean much of the problem in tourism investment and any investment from diaspora stems from the lack of reconciling history in order to help make everyone welcome and in order to shape up processes. Cheers

  4. How can we get rid of deep state deformities in Croatia?
    How can we get around multiform damnations left by udbasic legacies? How can we be Europeans if we keep rejecting and ignoring Europe ‘s ethics and moral standards?
    We can start by empowering a diaspora ombudsmanship with balls!
    A special independent body that will advise and safeguard and morph Croatia out of its historical and ideological stagnation!

    • Indeed, Charles, as long as membership of a diaspora ombudsmanship is shaped by majority of those of Croatian origins (here it is assumed they carry personal love for the country) who have made it in the “big wide world” outside of “the Croatian community organisations”…

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