Depravity of Serbian Propaganda Against Croatia

It is a breath of fresh air to know that the Serbian movie „Dara of Jasenovac“ has not made it to the short list for Oscars 2021. Serbian attempt with this movie to receive international credibility for their lies and vicious anti-Croatian propaganda while at the same stroke of „pen“ burying further their own WWII Jew-free state – did not succeed. It is a breath of fresh air and another bright feather in the cap of humanity that this occurred. I am personally proud to have been one of several writers in the world who had the courage to publicly point to this film as Serbian nationalistic propaganda based largely on fabrications against Croatia and Serbia’s shameless, depraved and miserable push to include Serbs killed during WWII into the Holocaust numbers and Holocaust sufferings.

Instead, „Quo Vadis, Aida“ that addresses Serbian genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, did make it to the Oscars 2021 short list! Bosnia, July 1995. Aida is a translator for the UN in the small town of Srebrenica. When the Serbian army takes over the town, her family is among the thousands of citizens looking for shelter in the UN camp. As an insider to the negotiations Aida has access to crucial information that she needs to interpret. What is at the horizon for her family and people-rescue or death? Which move should she take? Jasna Đuričić is utterly convincing as Aida, a translator working at a UN base near Srebrenica, who sees first-hand the failure of peacemakers to prevent an unfolding catastrophe. “Will anyone in the world witness this tragedy, this unprecedented crime?” pleads a voice on a radio. Yet it’s clear that, despite being an alleged “safe zone”, nobody is ready or willing to protect this area. Instead, thousands are forced to flee to the UN encampment, where the Dutch authorities promptly close the gates on thousands more…the massacre or genocide by Serbs of some 8,000 Bosniak men and boys followed…a fact of recent history that Serb leaders deny as genocide to this day.

Serbia has been on a constant roll with accusing Croatia of antisemitism, of implementing the Holocaust during WWII and all the while, as I have written many a time on this blog before – hiding its own depravity and mass crimes against Croats, against the Jews, against the Muslims all over the former Yugoslavia terrain. Here, is a letter written by Philip J. Cohen, an American publicist of Jewish origin who authored notable books such as “Serbia’s Secret War: Propaganda and the Deceit of History” (1996), “The World War II and contemporary Chetniks: Their historico-political continuity and implications for stability in the Balkans” (1997) and “Serbian Anti-Semitism and exploitation of the Holocaust as Propaganda” (1992), who was former advisor to the UN in Bosnia and Hercegovina, addressed to rabbi Abraham Cooper at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre on February 27th 1992. In his letter, re-published by the Croatian Cultural Council (HKV) portal on 27 February 2019, Cohen successfully unmasks the propaganda of ‘Greater Serbia’, which at the start of the nineties accused Croatia of fascism and antisemitism. Cohen points out that antisemitism is deeply ingrained into Serb history.

A pdf version of the complete letter by Philip J Cohen to rabbi Abraham Cooper can be read by clicking here. Here are some excerpts:

Dear rabbi Cooper,

A campaign is taking place that aims to convince the American Jewish community of the Serb love of Jews. It also aims to propagate the idea that there is growing fascism and antisemitism in Croatia. The purpose of this letter is to recognize it for what it is, a propaganda campaign. I furnish proof that: 1. Serbia has a history of deeply ingrained antisemitism, which still operates undiminished, today in 1992; 

2. The Serb love for the Jews is politically motivated – their aim is to win the support and backing of the Jews for Serb terrorist ambitions;

3. The Serbs abuse the victims of the Holocaust in neighbouring Croatia and Bosnia for propaganda purposes, but do not offer an honest account of the Holocaust that took place in Serbia.


Nenad Porges is the president of the Jewish Community of Zagreb, where 1,200 of the 2,000 Croatian Jews live. Darko Fischer is the president of the Jewish community of the Town of Osijek, where the Centre of Jewish Community was bombed by the Yugoslav army governed by Serbs. When doctor Klara Mandić was asked to comment on the bombing of the synagogue in Dubrovnik, she said that the local synagogue was not damaged at all. However, Jewish witnesses disagree. Therefore, it is difficult not to get the impression that doctor Mandić may be more interested in Serb propaganda interests than the wellbeing of the Jews. In truth, her North American tour of February 1992 was not promoted by any American or Canadian Jewish organisation, or the Jewish community of Belgrade. This tour was promoted by the firm Wise Communications with headquarters in Washington, who deal in public relations and represent the Serb oil company Jugopetrol, which is a mask under which the communist government in Belgrade is represented. The American Jewish-Serb Friendship Society, the Belgrade sister organisation, uses the Holocaust in a most dishonourable manner. This Californian branch tried and is still trying very hard to make both Serbs and Jews appear as Croatian victims during WWII. Their bulletin is full of stories about (Croatian) Ustasa atrocities. However, such selective display of the past contains serious shortcomings, namely: the Serb collaboration in the Holocaust or the Serb genocide over Croats and Slavic Muslims is never mentioned. It is worthwhile to consider the Bosnian Muslims, who for 500 years lived peacefully with the Jewish Sephardic community. During WWII the Serb Chetniks, under the explicit orders of their chief Draža Mihajlović, attempted to uproot all non-Serbs from Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia, and in this mission slaughtered between 86,000 and 103,000 Slavic Muslims. Today many Serbs proudly point out that the Chetniks were their defensive force in WWII, but that is simply historical revisionism. In reality, the Chetniks primarily wanted to restore the Serb crown and the territorial expansion of the Serb state. In terms of morality, they were a version or the Croatian Ustashe, both were totally guilty of genocide. Furthermore, the Chetniks also collaborated with the Nazis and fascists, which is why Jewish soldiers decided to abandon the Chetniks and join Tito’s partisans. 

In August 1991, after I discovered the aftermentioned bulletin of the American Jewish-Serb Friendship Society, I telephoned the editor Mr. Grujić. He first denied that the Holocaust ever happened in Serbia. When I mentioned several concentration camps, he said that the Croats came to Serbia and governed those camps, which is too ridiculous to warrant further comment. With such deceptive revisionism of history, it is hard to believe that some Serbs have learnt a lesson from the Holocaust. Today, Croats in parts of Croatia under Serb rule are forced to wear red-white ribbons on their sleeves, which is a ghastly reminder of the yellow ribbons that the Jews had to wear in Serbia during the Holocaust. Doctor Mandić is the main patron of the view that antisemitism is on the rise in Croatia, and her accusations are centred around Dr. Tudjman. However, the Jewish leaders in Croatia and those Jews who visit Croatia, witness that there is no proof of any State antisemitism…

As we know, Truth is the first victim of war and communism. Regretfully, in Yugoslavia in which the Serbs governed, both war and communism were present. We have to be aware that the Jewish community is the propaganda’s favourite target. Belgrade particularly abuses the Jewish sensitivity to the Holocaust in the attempt to win Jewish sympathy towards the Serbs, who present themselves as victims while hiding their role as criminals and anti-Semites. In view of the aforementioned evidence, one has to investigate the true nature and meaning in the newly forged love of the Serbs toward the Jewish people.

Cordially, Philip J. Cohen”


Home to Croatia’s biggest river port, Vukovar was the scene of one of the darkest chapters of the 1990s wars of Yugoslav/Serb aggression against Croatia. It was virtually razed to the ground and suffered a huge massacre when war broke out after Belgrade-backed rebel Serbs opposed Croatia’s declaration of independence.

In November 1991, after a harrowing three-month siege, ethnically mixed Vukovar fell to Serb forces and some 22,000 non-Serbs were expelled, ethnically cleansed. About 350 people from the region are still reported missing. Serbs know where their bodies lie but they will not tell.

The Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ-led minority government of Croatia does nothing to defend Croatian people and nation from vicious Serb lies. It is up to individual citizens and foreign persons to do the work the government should be doing or at least supporting. The HDZ government permits smears and vicious lies against its own people and permits Serbia to “reign” freely with its anti-Croatian propaganda. This is undoubtedly because the minority government has decided to govern in coalition with minority parties, especially Serb one in Croatia, who promote the politics of Serbia rather than Croatia. It is a situation that is unbearable for a nation such as Croatia. The former Yugoslav communists and Serbs, the aggressors against Croatia, will not win this current war Serbia is waging against Croatia with its depraved propaganda of lies just as they did not win the war of 1990’s. Croatia has been and is blessed with multitudes of people around the world and within Croatia who stand firm on foundations of truth and justice. Ina Vukic  


  1. Good for Cohen and good for you Ina! i’m looking forward to the coup de grace when the entire Jewish community and the entire West finally recognizes the anti-semitism of past and present Serbian politics and also the dishonest portrayal of Croatians in WW2 thematics.

  2. It’s surprising how pure hatred can still live on in people. How can you possibly say that you support Croatia, that you support the rights of victims and that you are an advocate for its values when you divide the trauma of the Balkans based on nationality. All suffering and all violence is terrible. Whether it be a Croat, Jew or Serb. You cannot politicise something as horrible as human suffering and maintain the moral high ground. Instead of helping promote peace and understanding, you uphold ‘Quo Vadis, Aida’ as an outright factual account and undermine the story of ‘Dara of Jasenovac’ as ‘propaganda’. Both are films of events which continue to drastically affect the Balkans and the lives of victims. Croatia and its diaspora will continue to face struggles with individuals who openly promote such archaic and vulgar treatment of other cultures and people. There is never a justification for such racial prejudice, especially in the 21st Century.

    • Ante, you are wrong, totally wrong. I defend the truth and loathe lies. It is not my fault that Serbia peddles lies but it is my and everyone’s duty as a human being to point to lies. Indeed, if you take time to read through my posts you will see that it is my view that even one victim regardless of ethnicity or race is too many. The fact that “Quo Vadis, Aida” was chosen for the Oscars short list only tells me that the panel deciding upon that had good reason. To my view, if you like, the massacre and genocide in Srebrenica occurred, the UN peace-keeping forces were nearby, perhaps never imagined that such evil could even be contemplated let alone committed. “Dara of Jasenovac” is pure Serbian nationalistic propaganda, many scenes in it never happened… do not forget there has now for years been research going on from archives…hand on a bit you shall be served with the truth, fact, in the near future, God provide…

      • bobomostarac says:

        Ante, do not mix apples and oranges:
        Srebrenica truth and Dara fiction!

        Srebrenica, it is a part of our recent history which most of us living today witnessed. Although we are all witness to Srebrenica. Serbia, the perpetrator is in denial. They are holding seminars around the world brain washing the people that it never happened!? Complete denial and lies of true facts.

        “Dara of Jasenovac”, film is full of hatred and myth, which according to Serbs happened during the 2nd World War. At a mere suggestion that the 1941- 1945 should be revised, investigated, and the truth be told, Serbian Government strongly objects to any investigation pertaining to that time of our history. Only Serbian myth continues unabated.

        Dara Film is produced primarily with the intent to distract the world from all the atrocities of 1991-1995. Secondly, to show all the hatred against Croatia and an excuse for all the evil Serbs have done and are doing to Croatia and Croatians. Thirdly, it might be that they are preparing for another aggression on Croatia?
        In 50 years from now, God forbid, there should be another Serb aggression on Croatia, Serbs will change this period of history and will teach the World that the Serbs died in Srebrenica at the hands of Croats. Reason for all this criminal propaganda against Croatia is Serbs’ ultimate goal, total occupation of Croatian land with cleansed of Croatians.



  5. It’s hard to forgive, and it’s the parable of Jesus I refer to. Bringing the hurt along is not trusting in God, it’s adding to the grief of those who suffer, not that the hurt isn’t valid, but in these new times,we are at the mercy of God, not man,and if God is to forgive us, we must encourage it too, otherwise, we place ourselves ahead of God. Thanks for the post, I’m not personally a victim of this horror, but I feel the hurt when i read about it, amen

    • I believe that also, bwcarey, but God himself made us so, I believe, The hurt is most natural and it cannot be turned off and on at will, the hurt guides us and help us to paths towards peace. The act of forgiving to me comes as an act same as the one God himself would undertakeč it lessens the impact of grief in us. Grief remains but as a result of forgiveness its nature eases. If the offender, the subject of forgiveness, refuses to participate in in it, if no remorse grows then reconciliation is not possible but the forgiver ceases to allow the act forgiven to define his-her living. Thank you and all the best

      • closing yourself off from God’s way, is the argument I make,whether or not the awful person was awful now, does not matter, that’s their way, it’s the affect it has on you, clouding your vision of others, amen

      • God made us the way we are, and given us grace to endure and correct the wrongs of others while forgiving them in the process. 🙂

      • Our Spirit is affected by the dark thoughts we hold, and since God is Spirit, and that Spirit is inside you, {Jesus tells us}, that space inside needs to have a clean space for Higher Spirit, amen,thanks for your thoughts, we continue to learn, we live, amen

      • He also gives us the prophets to help, amen

  6. At one time we trust ‘revisions’ however as addressed above revisions are mostly used to spew propaganda and weaponize lies daring a challenge to the lies. Once a challenge to the lies are made the person who raised the challenge becomes a target of the cancel culture.

  7. It’s cute that you are offended. The movie doesn’t present ALL Croats as bad people, only Ustashe. But if you think that what they’ve done is ok (which you clearly do, since you’re offended) then God bless your heart. Have fun in hell.

    • AD keep to facts, not all Ustashe committed crimes. Most fought for independence. I am only offended by blatant lies and such nasty propaganda, just as all decent folk are

  8. Ned Jovanovich says:

    Can anyone name a Serbian run concentration camp from WW2? They can’t, because there weren’t any.

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