Independent Croatia: To Expose Yugoslav Communist Enemy Within

Zoran Milanovic (L) Zeljko Glasnovic (R)

Croatia survived 45 years of communist rule under the lie of “brotherhood and unity” in Yugoslavia, emerged victorious in the 1990’s in fighting off the bestial enemies of its independence and democracy, only to keep having salt poured over the wounds it sustained in achieving independence and its continued struggle for a full democracy. In Croatia, former communist domination has been increasing since year 2000, alienating and degrading those who fought against the communist aggressor in early 1990’s. Make no mistake: Croatia’s very future is still at stake, despite the glorious victories of its defence forces. The best example of such alienation and degradation, which to my view verge on treason or bombarding of foundations of a state can be found in the acts of Croatia’s President Zoran Milanovic only a couple of days ago, on Friday 22 January 2021.

On Friday, the President of the Republic Zoran Milanovic, from the city of Zadar, cancelled his participation in the commemoratory program marking the 28th anniversary of the Croatian Military and Police undertaking called “Maslenica ’93”, which retook territory in northern Dalmatia and Lika from rebel Krajina Serb forces, with the military objective of pushing the Serb aggressor back from approaches to city of Zadar, Maslenica and Karlobag, allowing a secure land route between Dalmatia and northern Croatia to be opened. Milanovic abruptly cancelled his presence at Maslenica commemoration after he learned that some participants there, invited as part of official participants, were wearing clothes with the “HOS – For Homeland Read” (HOS – Za dom spremni) symbols, the same clothes worn by the paramilitary Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) who took a great part in defending Croatia from Yugoslav/Serb aggressor and, therefore, are unequivocally included among the pivotal creators of today’s democratic and independent state of Croatia. Of course, as their leader Milanovic, the Chief of the General Staff of the current Croatian Armed Forces, Admiral Robert Hranj, and all military commanders withdrew from the commemoration program after Milanovic announced his withdrawal.

“Since afterwards it was established that people wearing Ustasha insignia and inscriptions were also participating in the official commemoration protocol, the president cancelled his participation in the programme,” the statement from Milanovic’s office said.

This is not the first time that Zoran Milanovic insists on blatant lies about HOS and “For Home Ready” greeting! In fact, he has been consistent and uglily pushy on this! The fact that HOS that participated in defending Croatia from Yugoslav/Serb aggression was not an offshoot or continuance of WWII political environment but rather an arm of the 1990’s Croatian people’s decision to secede from communist Yugoslavia is a fact that Milanovic insists on burying and lying about.

To me, and I gather to many, this can only mean one thing and that is that Croatia’s President despises those who freed Croatia from communist Yugoslavia and fought and contributed to creating the free and independent Croatia.

That is among the reasons why Croatian government and Presidents since 2000 have persistently downplayed the role of Croatian defence forces in Croatia’s secession from communist Yugoslavia; and persistently keep on a course of degrading the value for the country of its liberating forces that fought off its brutal, bloody aggressor. Just imagine if political leaders in Britain or United States of America pursued a path of hunting down and belittling all those who during World War Two, or any war for that matter, guided their resolve to participate in freedom-creation with the motto “For God and Country!” or “For Home and Country!” Would they be impeached or banished from public positions? I think so!

And so, are Croatians supposed to accept as the country’s leader a man (Milanovic) who did not want an independent Croatia, who hid away from war battle zones when Croatian territory and people were being defended from Yugoslav/Serb aggression? I say not!

Retired General of the Croatian Army (HV) and the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) Zeljko Glasnovic has yesterday in relation to the above actions and promotion of lies about HOS forces by President Milanovic published the content below, which I have translated into the English language from Croatian:

Zeljko Glasnovic Facebook page screenshot. Embedded image portrays human (and HOS uniform) remains of Zarko Manjkasa Crvenkapa in a mass grave of Serb aggression victims near Vukovar

 “You run from this?

If you run away from this, you are also running away from the man on whose bones the state of Croatia arose.

And not just on his bones but on thousands of bones.

You are distancing yourself from this?

If you distance yourself from this, then you also distance yourself from the function you perform.

Being President is like being an officer – service, not honour. No one ‘rewarded’ you by electing you President but indebted you. Remember.

You cannot be the President of a state whose foundations you despise.

You cannot be the President of a state despising the people who created that same state.

Despising emblems.

Despising flags.

Despising symbols.

As you bow at the grave to a man who is buried with this symbol on his uniform, at the same time you drive his comrades from the grave for that same symbol.

You can’t have double standards.

If you despise the world in which you live, you also despise its Creator. It is inseparable.

You cannot praise the act of creating a state and despise its founders.

Call them provocateurs, and until yesterday saviours and liberators.

You cannot say that you respect the sacrifice of the defenders, and at the same time spit on the symbols they proudly wore while bleeding for that same homeland.

You can’t be miles away from the battlefield, waiting for an outcome in the safety of your home and 30 years later condemning the flag under which others gave their lives to so that you could live.

You should be grateful.

With your head down.

Your hands clasped.

If not in prayer, then in silence.

In pride.

On your knees, because they deserve that.

It is easy to be a Supreme Commander in peace.

Where were you when the bloody battle was being fought?

It is easy to command the army to retreat as birds sing around you.

Do you know what it’s like to give an order while the air around you smells of death?

Do you know what it’s like when you’re surrounded, when you have no air, when you’re lying wounded?

Do you know what it’s like to be a commander when you lose 20 men in one day?

And you must move on.

Do you know what it’s like when you have to come to the door of the mother of a killed soldier and tell her that her only son is gone?

And you were his superior.

Do you know what it’s like when they mutilate your brother, rape your mother, imprison your grandparents and take everything away from you?

Do you know what it’s like to look into the eyes of a raging horde of animal instincts as they torture and kill your army?

Do you know what it’s like when your wounded tortured soldier dies in your arms?

Do you know how it is when your soldier with triple bullet wounds still stands at frontlines, refusing to leave his post.

Till death.

What to say to a mother whose son has been killed, who calls you and asks you to come sleep in his bed?

What to say to a soldier who asks you for 2 days off after 4 months on the field, and you can’t give them to him because there are no people, there are no shifts, but maybe there would have been shifts had the offices of the golden youth not been full.

Do you know what it’s like when there’s no time to grieve after your comrades are killed, when you have to move on like nothing happened.

And the heart bleeds.

Do you know what it’s like to remember all your life the last words of a murdered medical corps heroine: ‘If I had 10 lives, I would give them all for Croatia.’

Do you know what it’s like when a commander is wounded and his soldiers take turns carrying him, wounded, in a tent flysheet for 2 days, not wanting to leave him?

That’s an honour.

That’s pride.

They are brothers.

That’s loyalty.

That’s fidelity.

These are concepts that you will find difficult to understand.

A commander on paper – in peace – is not the same as a commander on the ground in war.

Some are not worthy of war,

and some are not even worthy of peace.

Have we given so many lives so that you could mock?

Did we shed so much blood so that you could jubilate?

Did we fight so that you could be ashamed of us on anniversaries?

Did we create this country so that the Commander-in-Chief could suppress us?

You are not worthy of our sacrifice.

You are not worthy of being called the President.

You are not worthy of the authority of the Commander-in-Chief.

In other countries, people bow in respect to war veterans, grateful for their life made possible through their sacrifice.

In Croatia, war veterans are being killed due to injustice, disrespect, belittling and mocking the shedding of their blood.

Thanks be to God, we even fought for people like you. The ungrateful, narcissistic and arrogant, who today spit on the foundations of their homeland, trample on the sacrifice of its defenders, mock those who made life possible for them and they call themselves presidents. Until when?”

Ina Vukic

Croatia: Top Honour to former Colonel in British Royal Marines – Mark Nicholas Gray

Ivo Josipovic and Mark Nicholas Gray  Photo:

Ivo Josipovic and Mark Nicholas Gray Photo:

At the ceremony (26 January) marking the 20th Anniversary of operation Peruca, when the Croatian forces on 27 and 28 January 1993, took the Hydroelectric Plant at Peruce from Serb paramilitary forces, British Royal Marines Colonel Mark Nicholas Gray (now retired Brigadier) was awarded a high honour bestowed on Croatians and foreigners for exceptional courage and heroism, immediate danger and exceptional circumstances of war – the Order of Duke Domagoj with necklace.

Croatian Order of Duke Domagoj with necklace  Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Croatian Order of Duke Domagoj with necklace Photo: Wikimedia Commons

President Ivo Josipovic, who awarded Brigadier Gray the award said that the military operation in Peruca had an enormous importance but also a human component of solidarity shown by the member of the UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Forces) – Mark Nicholas Gray. Mark Nicholas Gray charged forth far and beyond his duties as UNPROFOR officer in that he acted swiftly in efforts to stop the collapse of the Peruca Dam and, hence, preventing a horrible catastrophe, which would have resulted, had the river Cetina flooded.

After the Serb paramilitary forces had in January 1993 placed explosives into the Peruca Dam, Gray swiftly opened the Dam’s side channels for much of the water to drain away, hence preventing the collapse of the Dam. Immediately after the explosions, members of the Croatian forces swiftly took over and were able to control the whole Dam. Had this not happened, masses of water would have reaped havoc and horror all the way to the town Omis, where river Cetina meets the Adriatic Sea.

President Josipovic stated that the Medal of Honour is presented to Gray for “demonstrated courage and heroism in the aversion of collapse of Peruca Dam, which evidences the human component and human solidarity that contributed to preventing a great catastrophe”.

Brigadier Gray said he was honoured to receive such recognition, adding: “the role I played was small when compared to the heroism of Croatian people”.

I am, nevertheless, proud to have contributed at least a little to the history of this great nation. I shall always remember the time spent here and feel affection towards this country and her people”, said Brigadier Gray at the ceremony.

President Josipovic also stated that the Serb’s intention to blast the Peruca Dam is mentioned in Croatia’s lawsuit against Serbia at the ICJ for genocide. “That criminal intent in mentioned in our claim against Serbia for genocide because it truly serves as an example of barbarism and I hope that such an example will never be repeated again”, he said.

Keep that thought President Josipovic! The International Court of Justice (ICJ) must unveil all the horrors committed on Croatian soil during early 1990’s, for the whole world to see and for the history to record. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Serb threatening to blow up levees in Holland

The Youtube film in which a Serb, Miroljub Petrovic, threatens that the levees at the North Sea shore in Holland will blow-up if the Serbians currently held on war crimes charges and convictions are not freed, has been posted in late February 2012. Petrovic claims that Holland would be flooded and North Sea would reach the centre of Amsterdam.

The film is in the Serbian language and a translation is as follows:

We are in Holland, 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, we are at the shores of the North Sea, North Sea is behind us, it’s visible, the levee is here built for protection against water as Holland is under sea level. If it comes to the breaking of the levee, this levee is very thin as we see, about all Holland would be flooded.

 The information we have is that a group of Serbian intellectuals has made a plan for the freeing of Serbian patriots Seselj, Mladic, Karadzic and the rest. The plan is as News 011 has learned, to send an ultimatum to the puppet government of Holland to free Serbian heroes otherwise this crumbly levee will be blown up and Holland would suffer a huge catastrophe.

For that eventuality an expert on Holland’s levees professor Vojislav Petrovic has been engaged and we will talk to him on this occasion to hear what he has to say in relation to these levees of Holland.

Professor Petrovic, tell us what is the state of these levees and how dependable a protection this is for Holland?

The people of Holland think that this is a dependable protection but looking at the natural conditions created by Planet Earth, tides, Moon, this is very crumbly and poor protection for Holland and in this case penetration of the North Sea into Holland towards the centre of Amsterdam.

What are the levees built of, is it a quality material?

Quality material, if quality material is sand which you can see down there, you know yourself how strong it is. Practically that’s soil in powder that water can carry anywhere it wants.

That means that if the plan of Serbian intellectuals is fulfilled to direct rockets at this levee it would be good for Holland to build a stronger levee.

Yes, yes, and this levee is from the last Century, this is the third millennium, which means we would do them a favour with that and they would do a favour to themselves to free our patriots from the prisons where they’re holding them.

Thank you professor Petrovic on this professional statement. Especially for portal …(tone unclear), from Amsterdam, Miroljub Petrovic.”

Croatia’s Vecernji list says that the AIVD service in Netherlands is investigating two films in which Miroljub Petrovic is threatening to blow up levees in Holland if Vojislav Seselj, Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and other Serbs held at the International Criminal Tribunal for war crimes or on war crimes charges.

The same Miroljub Petrovic has now developed a history of threats to blow-up dams, levees … During Croatia’s Homeland War he threatened to blow up Peruca dam.

Whether he himself actually participated in the blowing-up Peruca dam in Croatia when Serb rebels bombed it in January 1993 during operation Peruca, as revenge for Croatian army having liberated Maslenica, I cannot say. But what I can say is that it did happen. Thankfully, a British citizen Mark Nicholas Gray, member of the UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Forces) there, acted swiftly and steered the excess water into side-channels near the dam, preventing the dam from total collapse. Catastrophe was thus avoided.

Perhaps Petrovic’s threats are only that. The concerning thing, is that one does not really know whether the “group of Serbian intellectuals” planning to blow-up the levees in Holland actually exists. Learning from the Serb rebel actions in Croatia during 1990’s it’s difficult to brush aside Petrovic’s threat against Holland as benign or as a ranting of an eccentric man. Unfortunately, eccentric people do eccentric things, and attract eccentrics or deviants. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps.(Syd)

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