Whistleblowers And The Unravelling Corruption In Croatia

  Fear of reprisals for reporting wrongdoing, whistleblowing on corruption or possible corruption, breaches of legislative regulations etc. is a real concern when fighting corruption and this fear is very pronounced in Croatia. Croatia (like all former Yugoslavia member states) is a country riddled with entrenched corruption stemming from the communist public service and administration […]

Croatia: HDZ Sets Entrepreneurial Tone For Reforms To Drive Economy

  Croatia’s largest political party in opposition – HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) – had Monday 29 June released its platform or program for economic recovery (employment growth and investments …) and that, in itself, one could say is nothing special – we’ve seen it all before, especially during pre-election times and Croatia is heading for […]

Croatia: Anti-corruption and anti-fraud measures to be tightened for NGO’s

While to some it may seem relatively minor, this is a very significant development for the advancement of accountability in public funds. It is another step in moving away from the old totalitarian communist system, where only those at the top had insight into the expenditure of public funds, and closer to full democracy. Croatia’s […]

Croatia: Prime Minister Delivers Smoke And Mirrors Speech For Economic Recovery

On 24 September Croatian Prime Minister did deliver the historic speech on the state of the nation and it was no speech of a credible and serious statesman. In my previous post I had in mind that this speech could deliver either a prescriptive confrontation with the economic and social chaos that’s sweeping across Croatia, […]

Croatia: Furnace Of Economic And Social Chaos For Government and Of Guinness Book Of Records For The Culinary

While the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic prepares for his “State of the Nation” report that is reportedly to be delivered on 24 September the words many are known to use these days to describe the state of Croatia today according to Vecernji list include: general depression, hopelessness, confusion, lacking in ideas. One waits in […]

Croatia Economy On A Wing And A Prayer

Croatia’s finance minister Slavko Linic has not learned it seems from his failed step where he published the names of tax evaders – the Pillar of Shame – in order to drive significantly more taxpayers into compliance with tax laws. It’s been just over a year since then and he is at it – again! […]

Croatia: Banks Slapped For Bad Behaviour – To Fork Out Billions For Overcharging

It’s said that it’s a first of its kind in the history of Europe! It’s certainly the first such case in the history of Croatian court litigation. And – I am so glad it happened in Croatia – the country where democracy and citizens’ rights are still being painstakingly asserted. Some months ago Croatian association […]

Croatia – Electoral Law Groundhog Day

31.5% of Dubrovnik’s eligible voters came out to vote at the Referendum (for or against the proposed development of area Srdj [Srđ] above the city into an elite golf course and apartments) last Sunday. Not a big turnout, but some 80% of those that did vote voted against the development. While the referendum initiators (those […]

Croatia: the economy prop up – debt recovery enforcements or getting blood out of a stone

When it comes to searching for good government initiatives in creating a positive or reassuring mien in effective promulgation of individual citizen’s responsibility in achieving solid economic behavior and behavior expected within a democratic framework, don’t come knocking on Croatian government’s door. Much of what you’ll get are forceful, almost punitive measures that seem to […]

Croatia: How Government’s Kicking the Can Along Economic Junk Road

Croatia’s credit rating is on the junk heap. This will affect all facets of the economy and place growth onto a wish-list, rather than on the done-list. Rating agency Standard & Poor’s on Friday 14 December lowered Croatia into junk status to BB-plus from BBB-minus, concluding that the recent government reforms will not be enough […]

Croatian economy: will nationalisation bring home the bacon?

Whether Croatia’s current government’s dramatic moves to turn the economy around and create jobs that will bring home the bacon for multitudes of unemployed (at 301, 583 or 17.6% unemployed at end of August 2012/ the figure of 20% unemployed in April 2012 has been reduced due to temporary seasonal employment in tourism) is a […]

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