Bleiburg Massacres of Croats: Tito – A Licence For Genocide

Map of mass graves of victims of communist Yugoslavia crimes against Croatians unearthed by May 2017 (since 1990)
Photo: Screenshot (map originally compiled by



In 1945, just a few days after the end of World War II, Tito and his partisans began the mass liquidation of men, women and children and all those they considered enemies of their dictatorship. The massacres began over 700,000 Croatian soldiers and civilians who were heading for British forces in Bleiburg (Austria) after the war, hoping the British would accept them because they guaranteed all refugees free passage to safe American zones in Italy under the Geneva Convention.
Instead of passing them to Italy, the British loaded people into trains and trucks and fraudulently sent them back to communist Yugoslavia, directly into the hands of Tito’s assassins. Others were forced into death marches that stretched across Yugoslavia. Most of these people were tortured, humiliated and killed in large masses.
This film shows the unique testimonies of English officers, penitent partisans and murderers, Bleiburg survivors, and historians and researchers of crimes committed. With the help of historical documents and newly discovered mass graves, this film clearly describes the violation of the Geneva Convention and international law that led to the Bleiburg tragedy or the Holocaust of the Croatian people.



  1. Importante continuare a lasciare memoria del passato, per non dimenticare e capire. Grazie. Un abbraccio. Paola
    TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH: It is important to continue to remember the past, in order not to forget and understand. Thanks. A hug. Paola

  2. It would be a good idea to say who the authors of the map are:

    • The map was a screenshot from this video bi IFilms USA and Croatian Film Institute, ii did not give any credits to source for the map used, Blanka. Great to know the source is associated with your research and croatiarediviva website.

      • So, I guess that IFilms USA and Croatian Film Institute never heard of laws? It’s pretty convenient to use someone else’s work without mentioning their name, right? This map was done by a member of the Croatian Society of Historians “Dr Rudolf Horvat” and based on the data I collected over years. It was published on our website and later on other media. It was clearly written it’s our work. But, what can I expect from the communists hidden in some new colours than to steal?

      • That is so infuriating. Publishers, producers etc should give credit to the creators and authors of works, photos etc. That is the right thing to do Blanka. Thank you for drawing my attention to the origin of that map. I shall note it under the screenshot source of picture.

      • Thanks, Ina. We allowed numerous people to use that map and never asked for anything apart from mentioning our society as the author, so it really shouldn’t be that hard to politely ask us and permission would be given

      • That is the practice I keep always Blanka, and so should everyone else. It is the right thing to do. I have added the note under the screenshot photo on the post

      • So, I contacted Mr Knez regarding our map and he claims it was made by the Slovenian Government. He asked me for proof that it’s actually ours. So, I need to make a few important points here. The Slovenian map is available here, it’s written in the Slovenian language and it includes only locations in Slovenia: On the other hand, our map includes all stations of “Križni put” starting from locations in Austria to those in Macedonia and it’s clearly written in the Croatian language. I cannot possibly understand why anyone would think that the Slovenian government made a map in the Croatian language titled “Hrvatski križni put”. Also, he used our map for the first time in his paper published in 2018 (which he emailed me today) but made no further efforts to find out the origin of the map although a larger number of Croatian Internet media and Hrvatski tjednik reported about it in 2017

  3. Let’s no forget.

  4. Ivan Corluka says:

    Very sad to see so many innocent victims. There are a lot more children and women mentioned than I initially thought. Very sad, I hope those innocents will forgive and may their souls rest in peace.

    But I must say that it is also very dangerous that this documentary does not attempt to mention that the largest portion of those victims were soldiers. And they were not regular soldiers, they were Ustashe who were known to be even worst than the Nazis. Therefore we cannot place all victims in the same basket, not all victims are the same. Some are innocent, and may they rest in peace. While others are not innocent at all and who were authors of atrociousness themselves. This is important to mention that mistakes were made on all sides. Otherwise this type of documentary will give fuel for more unnecessary hate.

    • No Ivan, you are wrong on two accounts here: the soldiers were not all Ustashe, majority was Domobrans or Home Guards (the regular army/conscripted soldiers after the Royal (Serb Army was disbanded with the fall of Yugoslav Kingdom) and besides one cannot say that any committed any atrocities as there is no evidence to pin crimes to these soldiers, any of them); secondly 200,000 soldiers and 500,000 civilians headed for Bleiburg. Actually it is comments like yours that fuel hatred because you generalise and you assume. These were victims! True victims of communist crimes.

  5. Nick Zdunić says:

    I watched the documentary and realized that even if the British did the right thing, there was still no stopping the killing within Croatia including my grandfather in Gospić. This left a family without a father and with barely anything to survive. No wonder my father had to leave and fight for freedom from Australia. In memoriam to him and my grandfather I leave this message. I hope none of what you did was in vain.

  6. segvich says:

    All Croatians should thank Ina Vukic for COMMUNICATING TRUTH for the good of Croatia and mankind, but all peoples today in the world must COMMUNICATE TRUTH to corrupt government powers! — You see, at risk of oversimplifying world affairs, governments increasingly are corrupt and tyrannical, but people are generally good. People naturally yearn to be free to enjoy all our human rights which are all given to us not by politicians but by God.
    People, stop being timid! God wants YOU to COMMUNICATE TRUTH.

    Stop your silence! t is only your silence that is required for evil to continue!!!!!!

    Get immediately engaged publicly and privately in YOUR government/POLITICS to COMMUNICATE TRUTH.

    • Truth will set us all free, segvich and that freedom is more often than not very difficult to achieve particularly because of propaganda that is indiscriminately vicious.

  7. As novas gerações precisam conhecer e entender o terror que é o comunismo e das guerras que sacrificaram a vida de milhares de pessoas inocentes.

    • Translation of comment by Jocélio: new generations need to know and understand the terror that is communism and the wars that sacrificed the lives of thousands of innocent people.

      Thank zou for comment

  8. Maria Luise Golik says:

    Thank you Ina a thousand times for bringing us all the truth. I was 20 years old when I escaped from Tito, and married a Croatian who was as a soldier on “Krizni Put” and after surviving that spent 12 year in Tito’s prison. I never New all this before he told me about his experience.I had hard time absorbing it all – and now I can read and see what was happening. Tito did not let us to know the truth of his horror! I am now 80 and counting my days – but I am trying to finish my memoirs. At least I can now write with proof about my husband who is no longer with us!Thank you Ina again — and to others who did so much work to give us knowledge of what we need to know.

    • Thank you Maria Luise Golik. What a story you have to tell. Bless you! Look forward to reading your memoirs. Keep strong and fit!

  9. bobomostarac says:

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